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Game: Edgeworld
Format: Google+ (Google Plus) Online

If you want, you can also choose to drop several teams on several spots, or drop the teams in intervals. For instance, send out the big rhino's first to cover for your lighter and faster troops.
When you have upgraded a certain type of troops, all troops you have already trained in your barracks will automatically become this level as well.
Be aware that unlike in most games, you actually need to claim the mission rewards if you want to receive them; they are not automatically given to you.
To upgrade buildings to any new level, make sure that you first upgrade your command center to the level you want to upgrade to.

Includes the following...
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The Edgeworld Glossary and Guides
Edgeworld Beginner Guides
Edgeworld Protection State and the Newb Player F.A.Q.
Edgeworld Fast Build Path in Starter Protection
Edgeworld Attacking Guides
Edgeworld Maar lvl 19-25 farming tips
Edgeworld Maar Confederacy lvl 25 Tutorial
Edgeworld Erazi LVL 37 Solar Farming Guide
Edgeworld How to Attack the Diamond
Edgeworld Attack - Steady and Slow
Edgeworld level 50 Maar, Helio, and Erazi Farming Guides
Edgeworld Defensive Guides
Edgeworld Epic Base Building Guide
Edgeworld Defensive Concept-The ROD
Edgeworld Defensive Concept-The VROD
Edgeworld Diamond Base Design
Edgeworld HDD yard
Edgeworld Woven-Symmetry
Edgeworld Gameplay Information
Edgeworld Jangoon's Basic EW Walkthrough
Edgeworld Acronyms for use in Edgeworld
Edgeworld List of All Allainces
Edgeworld Spreadsheet of all building and unit build time,and requirements.
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