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Latest Updates
A list of games recently updated or added.
Action Henk - PC

Azeneth The Brave - PC

Below Kryll - PC

Dark Echo - PC

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - PC

Floors of Discomfort - PC

Hacker Evolution: Source Code - PC

Inside My Radio - PC

Lemma - PC

Lost Orbit - PC

Luxor HD - PC

Nightfall: Escape - PC

Protect Thy Sphere thingy - PC

Rktcr - PC

Ruzh Delta Z - PC

Spoko and Poko - PC

Starless: Nymphomaniac's Paradise - PC

Sunrise - PC

Toren - PC

Ultimate Space Commando - PC

Unheard Screams: King Leopold II rule over the Congo - PC

Vampire of the Sands - PC

Virtual Pool 4 - PC

Why Am I Dead At Sea - PC

More below...

Panic Room: House of Secrets - Facebook

Parchís PlaySpace - Facebook

Park the Car! - Facebook

Pasjans/Solitaire - Facebook

Payslots - Facebook

Penthouse Pool Live - Facebook

Permüt - Facebook

Pharaoh's Tomb Blackjack - Facebook

Potion Blast Mania - Facebook

Rise of Mythos - Facebook

RockYou Poker - Facebook

RotorStorm - Facebook

Roulette Tournaments - Facebook

Rummy - Facebook

Rummy Mobile - Facebook

Rummy Plus - Facebook

S and H Casino Slots and Poker - Facebook

Sandwich Shop - Facebook

Schafkopf-Palast - Facebook

Scratch Mart Free Scratchoffs - Facebook

Solitaire Magic Klondike - Facebook

Solitale Dragon Solitaire - Facebook

Soul Crash s2 - Facebook

Ta La Ciao88 - Facebook

Tablic - Facebook

Tamer Saga II - Facebook

Tasty Tale - Facebook

Texas Ask Em Poker - Facebook

Texas Poker Pro - Facebook

That 70s Quiz - Facebook

Thunder Run: War of Clans - Facebook

TimeQuest Slots - Facebook

TodoSlots - Facebook

Top Farm - Facebook

Top Gun - Facebook

Total Football Manager - Facebook

Total Wreckage - Facebook

TownOfSalem - Facebook

Tragedy of squirrels - Facebook

Treasure Epic - Facebook

Tricky Cups - Facebook

Tuner Life - Facebook

Tycoon Park - Facebook

Typing Races - Facebook

Ultimate Sonic - Facebook

Under Siege - Facebook

UNO and Friends - Facebook

UPWORDS - Facebook

Valor Arena - Facebook

Vampire Legend - Facebook

Video Poker with Pirates - Facebook

VideoPoker.com Social - Facebook

Viking Bash - Facebook

Villains - Facebook

Vinashi - Facebook

Volkswagen Das Autorennen - Facebook

War Metal - Facebook

Warfare - Facebook

Warlord Saga - Facebook

What's The Pic - Facebook

Wild Hearts Casino - Facebook

Wild Party Bingo - Facebook

WindGlory - Facebook

Wings of Destiny Phil - Facebook

Witchcraft - Facebook

Space Kidnappers - Facebook

Spermania - Facebook

Spider Solitaire - Facebook

Sports Heads Football 2 - Facebook

Sports Heads Football! - Facebook

Sportster - Bet and Win - Facebook

SQ Slots: Gambling Adventure - Facebook

Star Badminton - Facebook

Stardrift Empires - Facebook

Starfleet Commander - Nova - Facebook

StarTrade Tycoon - Facebook

Stilland War HD - Facebook

Stupid Pigeon - Facebook

Sushi Quest - Facebook

Sweet Smash Story - Facebook

Sweets Mania - Candy Match 3 - Facebook

Swing Choppers - Facebook

Sword Saga - Facebook

Piano Tiles: Make It Rain - Facebook

Pile of Balls - Facebook

Plane Crash - Facebook

Platin Okey - Facebook

Platin Yüzbir 101 - Facebook

Playdot - Facebook

Plus Belle la Vie Le Jeu - Facebook

Pockie Defense - Facebook

Pockie Ninja II Original - Facebook

Pockie Saints - Facebook

Pokémon Online MMO RPG Game - Facebook

Poker Kings - Facebook

Poker Study - Facebook

Pool All-time - Facebook

Pool Elite - Facebook

Pool Online - Facebook

Oasis: The Last Hope - Facebook

Okey Arena - Facebook

OMG! Fortune FREE Slots - Facebook

OMG! Slots - Facebook

Online People - Facebook

Online Soccer Manager - Facebook

Orange Tree - Facebook

Our Bingo - Facebook

Our Carambole - Facebook

Our Casino - Facebook

Our Chinchon - Facebook

Our Parchis - Facebook

OUR.COM - Facebook

A Hero's Quest - PC

Scribbly Wits - Facebook

SD Gundam - Facebook

Secret of the Pendulum - Facebook

Sex Appeal - Facebook

Shadowbound - Facebook

Shahi India Poker - Facebook

Shape Dice Rolling - Facebook

Ski Jump Mania 2 - Facebook

Sleepy Wings - Facebook

Slot Machines by IGG - Facebook

SlotBOOM: 3D Slots - Facebook

Slots Corp - Facebook

Slots Mystic Treasure - Facebook

Soccer City - Facebook

Social Wars: Combat Zone - Facebook

Solitaire - Facebook

Solitaire Duels - Facebook

Power Keno - Facebook

President - The Card Game - Facebook

Press Your Luck Slots - Facebook

Prime World: Defenders - Facebook

PRIZM FIFA World Cup Brazil - Facebook

Puffy Pop - Facebook

Pure Slots - Facebook

Puzzly Words - Facebook

Racing Rivals - Facebook

Ravenmarch - Facebook

Real Casino - Free Slots & Poker - Facebook

Red Army - Facebook

Remi Etalat - Facebook

Restaurant Slots PlaySpace - Facebook

Word Wizards - Facebook

World Cup 2014 Brazil - Facebook

World Domination Ultimate - Facebook

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly - Facebook

World Soccer Forever - Facebook

XGame - Facebook

YatzyUltimate - Facebook

YoWorld - Facebook

Yum Yum Fest - Facebook

Yushino - Facebook

Znappy Backgammon - Facebook

Znappy Holdem - Facebook

Znappy Poker - Facebook

Znappy Rentz - Facebook

Znappy Stack Rummy - Facebook

Znappy Whist - Facebook

Zombie Fighter - Facebook

Zombies Ate My Pizza - Facebook

Alexia Crow and The Cave of Heroes - PC

Apollo4x - PC

Armored Warrior Iris - PC

Bio Menace - PC

Box Out! - PC

Bubbles Quest - PC

Castaway Paradise - PC

Crystal Caves - PC

Dark Ages - PC

Farm Mechanic Simulator 2015 - PC

Halloween Scream - PC

Helicopter 2015: Natural Disasters - PC

Hollywood Visionary - PC

In the Court of the Yellow King - PC

Math Rescue - PC

Mirrors and Lasers - PC

One Manga Day - PC

Only dream - PC

ReBomber - PC

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle - PC

Rustbucket Rumble - PC

Sandmason - PC

Secret Agent - PC

Snails - PC

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets - PC

Virus Jigglin' Fever - PC

Warside - PC

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - PC

Word Rescue - PC

Sportsfriends - PS4

Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut - PS4

Styx: Master of Shadows - PS4

Super Exploding Zoo - PS4

Super Mega Baseball - PS4

Strider - PS4

Strider Hiryu - PS4

Super Motherload - PS4

Super Stardust Ultra - PS4

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition - PS4

Swapper, The - PS4

Switch Galaxy Ultra - PS4

Tour de France 2015 - PS4

Tiny Brains - PS4

Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops - PS4

Technomancer, The - PS4

End of current updates list...

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